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Client Testimonials

It is always a privilege when Clients get in touch to let me know how they are doing or to take the time to write a testimonial for the therapy that they have experienced.  Here are some Testimonials provided from both female and male clients. 

No names have been included for confidentiality purposes.

Julie is fabulous at what she does. Every session with her is like having a cheerleader on my side supporting me through my different issues.  She is a great listener, welcoming and understanding.  I am so grateful for the help that she has given me over the years and it's great to know that she is there when I need help.

Julie has enabled me to exit the process in a very much better position than I started. Her understanding and support was crucial to my recovery, and whilst I accept that I did work, Julie was the crutch that I leaned on and I could not have succeeded without her.

She was a lifesaver.

I shall always be grateful to her and can highly recommend her to anyone who needs assistance.

I found my counselling with Julie invaluable, she made me feel at ease from the first session. She was understanding, compassionate and flexible in her approach depending on what I needed support with each week. I would highly recommend Julie, she has a vast knowledge of tools and skills to support with a range of difficulties.  I have learnt some great tools to help me going forward.

"Hello Julie,

I hope you are well? I have just been watching a documentary on managing stress and it made me reflect on how far I have come over the past 12months and I just wanted to share it with you as you gave me a lot of the tools and techniques to feel the way I do today. You have taught me so much.

I am still enjoying my new job. It has been a fantastic move and I feel so much better to be out of the toxic situation I was in and surrounded by people who want others to succeed and feel good. I passed my qualifications and my physical health is really good. I sleep well, exercise regularly and rest when I'm tired. I no longer take medication. My anxiety is managed and I talk to myself a whole lot better in stressful situations and it's helped me work with others to do the same. I don't worry excessively when things go wrong and quickly re-route. I flick away other's negativity and I continue to be assertive and people don't make unreasonable demands of me as a result. I am living in accordance with my values and beliefs and am happy and healthy.

Of course life has its ups and downs but I am more accepting of this process nowadays.

I wanted to share this with you as you taught me so much Julie and I wanted you to know that all the good work you did with me is ongoing.

Please feel free to share an anonymised version of this success story to inspire others with their challenging journeys. We all have them and it's navigating the imperfections in life where we find out what we are made of and who we really are.

Thank you for your time and care".

I’d just like to thank Julie for her investment in my wellbeing and helping me to process the issues I’ve faced over the past few months. While I’ve always considered myself to be fairly resilient, having someone truly listen without judgement on its own is very helpful. However, having someone with the expertise that Julie possesses who can also offer toolkits and frameworks to strengthen your coping mechanisms and deal with conflict more efficiently is invaluable for my future development, happiness and mental health.

I’d recommend JP Counselling Services for anyone looking for Therapy services! 

I started speaking with Julie after a tough time personally and I am glad I did. During every session I felt supported and in a safe environment to talk and felt listened to and supported throughout the whole process. Julie really helped me to consider and reframe some of my views and concepts of my day-to-day life with the approaches we worked through. Julie went above and beyond at all times to tailor different approaches to what I hoped to achieve from the whole process. I am truly grateful for the support during the process to reach the end result to develop myself.


Working with Julie has helped me to understand my emotions and responses to situations and I now have the tools to manage and deal with difficult situations in my work and home life. Julie is professional and friendly and working with her felt like talking to an old friend rather than being in a formal session. She always listened to everything on my mind and was never judgemental or dismissive of my emotions or thoughts, Julie offered me tools to use to change my mindset which allowed me to reassess my thoughts and feelings. Julie explained all the techniques and how they can help and made sure everything she suggested had value to me and my situation. Working with Julie has led to me becoming a more resilient and emotionally balanced person and I can take on the world confidently now thanks to all her help and support.

Julie worked with me patiently and took the time to listen to me at all times during all of my sessions. She was easy to talk to and very professional. She gave me the necessary tools I needed to progress, and after, I feel I have achieved a lot and come so far with the help of Julie’s sessions. All the strategies provided were helpful, but one particularly stood out and I will also be using it in other aspects of my life as well as the initial reason for my treatment. I am so happy I got Julie as my counsellor she did an amazing job with me and I would definitely recommend her services. Well done Julie and I will never forget you and your great help.     

"Surround yourself with the dreamers the doers, the believers and the thinkers, but most of all, surround yourself with those who see the greatness within you, even when you don't see it yourself".

Edmund Lee

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